AUDI RS7 2019 : New Audi RS7 Sportback 2019 Specs And Review

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AUDI RS7 2019 : New Audi RS7 Sportback 2019 Specs And Review #FULL_REVIEW_IN_DESCRIPTION #Full_Review_On_Descriptions
Audi A7 introduced for the first time in 2010 at Paris Motor Sow as a sports iteration, but convenient to the A6 the American models arrived for the model year 2012, while the Hot-to-trot RS7 was released in 2013 with more strength, suspension Free and upgraded chassis and look sharper. Now, after the release of the second-GEN A7 in October of 2017, Audi is cooking on a second generation for the RS7 as well, and it could get as much as 700 of telecommunication power under the hood.

The last time we saw the RS7 implemented, it is stuffy in the snow, everything indicates that it was only a A7. This time, however, we spotted the engineers playing on the track. While it is still a A7 badge, including a “55 TSFI” model designation, it wears a completely different front fascia. It has the same rear fascia, however, it sports what appears to be an active rear spoiler, alluding to its real purpose in life. It also has bigger wheels, bigger brakes, and-according to our photographer, a rather average noise from the double outlet stores at the back.

The front fascia is concerned, the old fascia A7 came out with something new in its place. The air dam may or may not be transferred from the standard model, but the camo here makes it seem rectangular instead of phasing it out in points at the bottom. The angle air intake is quite interesting, with the camouflage giving them a triangular appearance. I would not expect to my breath they go on production transferred like this because they are just bigger, more pronounced FIE holes compared to the standard model. The TSFI 55 means that it is somewhere between 328 and 368 power of the rock, but this must actually deliver somewhere between 570 and 630 horsepower, with the latter figure comes into play for models equipped with the performance set. On this note, if it goes really hybrid, a figure closer to 700 horses is not out of the question either. Pretty cool, huh?
AUDI RS7 2019 : New Audi RS7 Sportback 2019 Specs And Review
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AUDI RS7 2019


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AUDI RS7 2019 : New Audi RS7 Sportback 2019 Specs And Review